SELINA Solutions for Class 9 Chemistry ICSE

TopperLearning provides Selina Textbook Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Chemistry. In our Selina Textbook Solutions, Class 9 students get deeper insight on all the topics as all the solutions are arranged chapter-wise. All the concepts are explained in the most comprehensive and easy manner which can be understood by students. Our Selina Textbook Solutions are written by subject experts who understand the psychology of students and serve as a crucial link to bridge the gap between exam preparation and what is asked in the examination.

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Selina Solutions for Class 9 Chemistry

Chapter 1The Language of Chemistry

This chapter introduces you to the basics of Chemistry. It discusses topics like chemical formulas and symbols, valency calculations, radicals, equations and balancing them, atomic weight, molecular formula etc.

Chapter 2Chemical Changes and Reactions

This chapter focuses on chemical reactions and the changes accompanying those reactions. Simultaneously, the chapter also introduces the energy reaction, changes and their importance.

Chapter 3Water

The third chapter revolves around soft and hard water. Along with the two types of water, it also explains how hard water can be converted to soft water for consumption.

Chapter 4Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding

As the chapter’s name suggests, this unit talks about the structure and parts of an atom. Along with the structure, it explains chemical bonds, electrovalent bond, covalent bonding, isotopes and electronic distribution of elements.

Chapter 5The Periodic Table

The chapter talks about the contribution of Mendeleev and the inception of the modern periodic table, while explaining its role and importance. Additionally, it talks about Dobereiner’s triads and Newlands’ octave rule.

Chapter 6Study of the First Element - Hydrogen

This chapter explains the first element of the periodic table – Hydrogen. It focuses on the industrial development of hydrogen and the separation of CO2 and CO from hydrogen. This chapter also discusses the concept of oxidation at length.

Chapter 7Study of Gas Laws

This chapter explains the behaviour of gases and how gases react under different pressure and temperature situations. This chapter also establishes the relationship between the Kelvin and Celsius scale.

Chapter 8Atmospheric Pollution

This chapter deals with pollution and how atmospheric pollution has an effect on us. It teaches students about ozone depletion and how carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and acid rain hamper the environment and everything around it.

Why should you refer to TopperLearning’s Selina Solutions?

Learning Chemistry in ICSE Class 9 is important, as it opens the door to many career options later in life. Students have a chance to make a promising career in the fields of Hospitality, Healthcare, Engineering or Biochemistry and can improve and exceed their chances by learning well from the start. Selina Textbook Solutions are preferred by ICSE students who want to gain an in-depth knowledge of every subject.

The Selina Solutions at TopperLearning include a wide variety of questions and how you should solve them. They are divided in such a way that they can help you solve any question easily. All the questions are answered by our in-house experts and the easiest methods are provided. Selina solutions can help you gauge and manage time for writing answers as well as to check if you have covered all the required points.

Key Features of Selina Textbook Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Chemistry:

  • Created by our subject experts
  • Act as step-by-step solutions
  • Easy and comprehensive language
  • Revised according to the latest ICSE syllabus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I refer to Selina Solutions?

Selina Solutions expose students to both easy and difficult questions asked in the Selina textbook which may also find their way in the Class 9 Chemistry paper. They expose students to all kinds of questions and question scenarios.

Where can I get Selina Solutions?

Selina Solutions are easily accessible on the TopperLearning website.

Does solving Selina textbook questions help students?

Selina Solutions can help students prepare for all kinds of questions. So, yes, they help students.

Is the Selina textbook the ideal reference book for ICSE students?

The Selina textbook is one of the best reference books an ICSE student can study from.

Are the Selina textbook questions relatively difficult?

The level of difficulty can be called moderate, as the Selina textbook has all kinds of questions.