SELINA Solutions for Class 10 Biology ICSE

Biology is a crucial part of your studies. To make your learning process easier, we’ve got valuable Selina Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Biology. Through these concise solutions, you can understand concepts such as cells, genes, evolution, behaviour of living organisms and more easily.

Our free ICSE Biology Class 10 Selina solutions are prepared by experts as per the latest ICSE Board guidelines. Go through these useful Science chapter solutions for effective revision. This will enable you with the right skills to tackle exam questions and improve your marks in the ICSE Class 10 Biology exam.

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Chapter-wise list of Selina Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Biology:

Chapter 1 – Basic Biology

TopperLearning’s Selina concise Biology Class 10 solutions will help you get started with the revision of basic concepts that will be explained in detail in the later chapters. Also, our topic notes and chapter videos will introduce you to terms like cell division, cell cycle, genetics, and chromosome.

Chapter 2 - Structure of Chromosomes, Cell Cycle and Cell Division

With our free access to Selina concise Biology Class 10 solutions for Chapter 2 by expert teachers, study concepts such as meiosis, mitosis, etc. Grasp the difference between a chromosome and a chromatin fibre. Also, get detailed answers for questions based on the structure of a chromosome.

Chapter 3 - Genetics - Some Basic Fundamentals

Explore the complex concepts in genetics such as sex-linked diseases with the model answers prepared by experienced Biology teachers. Revise concepts like homozygous, heterozygous, phenotype, genotype, etc. Also, TopperLearning’s ICSE Selina Biology solutions Class 10 Biology Chapter 3 supports you with accurate answers related to Mendel’s laws of inheritance.

Chapter 4 - Absorption by Roots: The Processes Involved

Study the concept of absorption process in plants with our Selina Biology Class 10 ICSE solutions Chapter 4. Now, understand terms such as plasmolysis, wall pressure, guttation, turgidity, and others with our reference answers. Learn to explain the mechanism of the opening and closing of the stomata. Our accurate answers to Chapter 4 Selina textbook questions will enable you to understand plant physiology better.

Chapter 5 - Transpiration

On which day will transpiration be faster? How to demonstrate the process of transpiration in a potted rose plant? Get all the answers related to transpiration as per the latest ICSE Class 10 syllabus in our Selina publishers Class 10 Biology solutions for Chapter 5. Also, understand the difference between stomatal transpiration and lenticular transpiration.

Chapter 6 - Photosynthesis

Understand the process of photosynthesis clearly with our well-prepared ICSE Biology Selina Class 10 solutions for Chapter 6 by experts. Revise the function of chlorophyll in a leaf. Find out the difference between a light reaction and a dark reaction. Also, our solutions give you a step-wise explanation of experiments to demonstrate that oxygen gets released when green plants are exposed to light.

Chapter 7 - Chemical Coordination in Plants

ICSE Biology Class 10 Selina solutions for Chapter 7 is one of the ideal learning resources to revise the concept of chemical co-ordination in plants. Learn to differentiate between chemotropism and phototropism. Relearn terms like geotropism, thigmotropism, and hydrotropism. Also, read about the role of growth hormones in plants.

Chapter 8 - The Circulatory System

Learn the working of the circulatory system with our Selina Biology Class 10 ICSE Chapter 8. In our chapter solutions, you will find accurate points on highlighting the difference between white blood cells and red blood cells. Revise topics such as an artery, vein, double circulation, blood plasma, diapedesis, venule, etc.

Chapter 9 - The Excretory System

Understand the functions of urethra, Henle’s loop, glomerulus, ureter, and the renal artery while studying the functioning of the excretory system. Find out why excretion is important with the support of our ICSE Class 10 Selina Biology solutions for Chapter 9. Also, get answers to important questions such as is kidney donation harmful, why is urine thicker in summer, and other questions.

Chapter 10 - The Nervous System

Explore the nervous system by going through concepts such as reflex action, autonomic nervous system, peripheral nervous system, sympathetic nervous system, voluntary action, etc. With our ICSE Selina Biology Class 10 solutions Chapter 10, understand the functions of body parts like cerebellum, medulla oblongata, sensory nerve, motor nerve, and others. Also, learn to draw a myelinated neuron correctly for scoring full marks in diagram-based questions in your Biology exam.

Chapter 11 - Sense Organs

In this chapter, learn in-depth about eyes and ears with our Selina Biology Class 10 solutions Sense Organs Chapter 11. Revise the functions of different parts of an eye such as the lacrimal gland, retina, etc. The important topics you can study include hyperopia, cones, rods, myopia, dynamic balance, and more. Also, get clarity on defects related to the sense organs with our chapter solutions.

Chapter 12 - The Endocrine System

Find out what can happen if there is an excess of glucose in the blood or if there is over secretion of thyroxine. Study the endocrine system with correct online Selina publishers concise Biology Class 10 solutions for Chapter 12. Also, get the required learning support to understand the functions of the thyroid gland, pancreas, pituitary gland, and the adrenal gland.

Chapter 13 - The Reproductive System

With your free access to Selina Biology Class 10 solutions for Chapter 13, study the reproduction process and appropriate diagrams related to it. Find out the functions of the different parts of the egg and the sperm. Get answers on primary reproductive organs and accessory reproductive organs. Also, learn concepts such as puberty, ovulation, menopause, etc.

Chapter 14 - Human Evolution

What makes a Neanderthal man a different species from modern man? What is the theory of natural selection proposed by Darwin? With the concise Biology Class 10 ICSE solutions for Chapter 14, revise the amazing story of human evolution. Read about the works of notable scientists who shared their theories about the evolution of human beings.

Chapter 15 - Population - The Increasing Numbers and Rising Problems

This chapter will enlighten you about the importance of studying the human population. Find out about the population explosion and how to prevent it. In our Selina Class 10 Biology solutions Chapter 15, you will gain awareness of the reasons for population growth. Also, learn about the data points used for conducting a statistical study of the human population.

Chapter 16 - Pollution - A Rising Environmental Problem

Use TopperLearning’s Selina solutions for ICSE 10 Biology Chapter 16 to revise the different types of pollution. Our step-wise answers will give you clarity on the sources of pollutants and what can be the preventive actions to stop pollution. Also, read about the objectives of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ cleanliness campaign by the Indian government.

Why to choose TopperLearning’s Selina Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Biology?

Once your school lectures are over, you need reference material to study Biology lessons for class assignments and exam preparation. With our concise ICSE Biology Class 10 solutions, you can use the model answers to successfully attempt questions covered in the Selina Biology textbook. These solutions provide step-wise answers for Biology chapters such as the nervous system, transpiration, the circulatory system, the reproductive system, the excretory system etc.

You can benefit immensely from Selina concise Biology solutions for ICSE Class 10 because these are reference answers by experienced Science teachers. Our expert educators give you accurate answers to textbook questions according to the latest exam guidelines and syllabus of the ICSE board. In addition, our chapter solutions are free and conveniently available online for a quick revision of important MCQs, diagrams and other types of questions.

Frequently Asked Questions for Selina solutions for ICSE Class 10 Biology

1. What important Biology topics in ICSE Class 10 can I revise using online Selina solutions?

Some of the important topics in ICSE Class 10 Biology Selina solutions are the nervous system, photosynthesis, genetics etc. To find out about the important ICSE Class 10 Biology chapters based on weightage, click here.

2. Why should I rely on Selina solutions for ICSE Class 10 Biology exam preparation?

The ICSE Class 10 textbook by Selina publishers is the preferred Biology textbook by students for ICSE exam preparation. During revision, Selina solutions empower students with correct answers by experts for successfully attempting textbook questions.

3. How many times should I revise ICSE Class 10 Biology Selina solutions to score top marks?

You can plan your Biology revision according to the time available. In Class 10, most students allot more revision time for difficult subjects such as Physics and Maths. Ideally, you can practise the complete Biology solutions once or twice, and then revise again before your exams. While revising Biology chapters, include extra time in your study schedule for the topics that you find difficult.

4. I have a few doubts while using Selina solutions. What do I do?

For support with Biology concepts covered in Selina solutions, you can post your questions in TopperLearning’s ‘Doubts and Solutions’ section. Our academic experts try to promptly respond to your queries.

5. Do I need to use other learning resources to complete revising all the ICSE Class 10 Biology chapters from the syllabus?

Selina ICSE Biology Class 10 solutions are ideal to revise the topics in your syllabus. However, for conceptual clarity, you can watch video lessons. For exam confidence, you can attempt sample papers, practice tests and previous years’ question papers.