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Class 6 NCERT Solutions History Chapter 1 - Introduction: What, Where, How And When?

Introduction: What, Where, How And When? Exercise 8

Solution 1

Solution 2

One major difference between manuscripts and inscriptions is that:

Manuscripts are handwritten books/records of the past. They were usually found on palm leaves or barks of trees.

Inscriptions are writings engraved on hard surfaces such as stone or metal.

Introduction: What, Where, How And When? Exercise 9

Solution 3

A possible answer to Rasheeda's question is that one can know about the past from information obtained by studying manuscripts/inscriptions that have been preserved in temples and monasteries. Also, studying the various remains of the past such as bones, tools, coins, and monuments helps us to understand how the present evolved.

Solution 4

The list of the objects may include the remains of buildings, paintings, sculpture, tools, weapons, pots, pans, ornaments, bones of animals and coins.

Out of the items mentioned, the following can be made up of stone:

  • the remains of buildings,
  • sculpture,
  • tools and weapons, etc.

Solution 5

Ordinary men and women did not keep a record of what they did because:

  • They were unaware of the art of writing. Also, most of the literary works were written in Sanskrit which was not known to the common people.
  • They did not consider their simple lives of such importance that it had to be recorded.
  • They did not find it significant to keep records of their daily life happenings. Also, hiring a person to keep a record of one’s daily events would have been expensive.

Solution 6

Some ways in which the lives of kings would have been different from those of farmers are:

  1. The kings lived in palaces while the farmers lived in huts.
  2. The kings fought battles to secure the lives of its subjects while the farmers produced food for their kings and the others.
  3. The kings wore flashy clothes while the farmers could not afford these and hence wore simple clothes.
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