NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 10 - The Book That Saved The Earth

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English in CBSE Class 10 is divided into Grammar and Comprehension.

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Chapter 10 - The Book That Saved The Earth Exercise 63

Solution 1

The twentieth century was often called the Era of the Book  because in those days, there were books about everything, from  ant eaters to Zulus. Books taught people how to, and when to, and where to, and why to. They illustrated, educated, punctuated, and even decorated.

Solution 2

The Martians  tried to invade the earth in the twenty-first century.

Chapter 10 - The Book That Saved The Earth Exercise 65

Solution 1

Think Tank first said that since Earth creatures were always eating, the place in which Captain Omega and the others found themselves was undoubtedly a crude refreshment stand and the item in his hands was called a sandwich. The sandwich, according to him was the main staple of earth diet and consisted of two slices of what was called bread, and between them was some sort of filling. He ordered them to eat one.  When Sergeant Oop tried to eat it, he found it was not delicious, and that it was as dry as Martian dust. 

He next suggested that the books were actually communication sandwiches and he ordered them to listen to them.

When they could not hear anything, he told them that the books were not meant for ear communication, but for eye communication.

Chapter 10 - The Book That Saved The Earth Exercise 74

Solution 1

Noodle  manages to do that by first addressing Think-Tank in a respectable manner and when Think Tank is ready to listen , then politely corrects his mistakes.

He puts forward his own thoughts and ideas by saying that they are of no particular importance and in this way corrects Think Tank without offending him.

He always uses apologetic phrases like excuse me, I beg your pardon, forgive me etc while speaking to Think Tank.

He keeps addressing him as Great and Mighty Think-Tank, your Brilliance, your Cleverness etc to make him feel very important and knowledgeable.

Solution 2

Noodle has understood Think Tank very well and realises that he is a pompous, egoistic character and so handles him in a very diplomatic manner.

If I were in Noodle's place, I too would have handled Think-Tank's mistakes the same way as Noodle does. I would make him feel important yet manage to correct all his faults and unreasonable ideas. 

Solution 3

This question requires you to use your own perspective as well as your analytical skills. The answer to the question would vary from one person to another. It is suggested that you read the text carefully and try attempting it on your own.

However you could use the following points:

Yes books are being replaced by the electronic media today:

Reasons: Through the electronic media- it is faster ,easier, to access information, much more information is available, it takes up less storage space as compared to books etc  ,

However: Don’t you experience a certain joy while reading a book made of paper-where you can turn pages ..Books help us relax…Books are a part of our culture, our lives, and we just can’t do away with them altogether!

Remember: Don’t let this age old hobby, tradition, culture die away….Encourage children to spend their free time and holidays reading books.

Solution 4

This question requires you to use your own perspective as well as your analytical skills. The answer to the question would vary from one person to another. It is suggested that you read the text carefully and try attempting it on your own.

A few points to consider while writing your answer:

Books are educational, helps you improve your vocabulary, your writing skills, your grammar.

Books are therapeutic -help  you to relax, relieve stress -allow your imagination to take over.

Books transport you to another world unlike any other- you can forget your troubles, cares and worries .

Books take you on a breathtaking journey- with the various characters.

You will never be lonely…Reading a book should always be an important part of your life. 


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