ICSE Class 9 Syllabus

  • Science

    • Biology  |  View Syllabus

      Introducing Biology

      • Introduction to Biology

      Cell : The Unit of Life

      • Cell - Size, Shape and Number
      • Cell Structure and Types

      Tissues : Plant and Animal Tissues

      • Plant Tissues - Meristematic
      • Plant Tissues - Permanent
      • Animal Tissues

      The Flower

      • Structure of a Bisexual Flower
      • General Description of the Floral Parts

      Vegetative Propagation and Micropropagation

      • Artificial Vegetative Propagation
      • Hybridisation, Micropropagation and Somatic Cell Hybridisation
      • Biotechnology and its Role in Medicine and Industry

      Pollination and Fertilisation

      • Pollination
      • Fertilization

      Seeds - Structure and Germination

      • Seeds
      • Germination of Seeds

      Respiration in Plants

      • What is Respiration?
      • Plant Respiration

      Five Kingdom Classification

      • Five Kingdom Classification
      • Phylum Invertebrata - Porifera, Cnidaria, Platyhelminthes, Nematoda
      • Phylum Invertebrata - Annelida, Arthropoda, Mollusca and Echinodermata
      • Division of Phylum Chordata

      Economic Importance of Bacteria and Fungi

      • Useful Bacteria
      • Harmful Bacteria
      • Useful and Harmful Effects of Fungi


      • Food and its Components
      • Deficiency Diseases

      Digestive System

      • The Digestive System

      Movement and Locomotion

      • Human Skeleton
      • Joints and Muscles

      Skin - The Jack of All Trades

      • Structure and Functions of Skin
      • Derivatives of Skin
      • Skin and Heat Regulation of the Body

      The Respiratory System

      • Respiration
      • Respiratory System
      • Mechanism of Breathing

      Hygiene - [A Key to Healthy Life]

      • Hygiene
      • Housefly and its Control
      • Control of Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Rats
      • Water-borne Diseases

      Diseases: Cause and Control

      • Causes and Categories of Diseases
      • Diseases Caused by Bacteria
      • Diseases Caused by Protozoa
      • Diseases Caused by Parasitic Worms
      • Viral Diseases

      Aids to Health

      • The Immune System
      • Immunisation and Vaccination

      Health Organisations

      • Health Organisations

      Waste Generation and Management

      • Waste and its Categories
      • Methods of Safe Disposal of Wastes
    • Chemistry  |  View Syllabus

      Language of Chemistry

      • Basics of Chemistry
      • Chemical Equations

      Chemical Changes and Reactions

      • Types of Chemical Changes and Energy Changes
      • Conditions and Characteristics of Chemical Reactions


      • Know About Water
      • Solutions
      • Crystallisation

      Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding

      • Model of An Atom
      • Parameters of An Atom
      • Distribution of Electrons in Orbits
      • Chemical Activity of Atoms
      • Redox Reactions
      • Electrovalent Bonding
      • Covalent Bonding

      The Periodic Table

      • Classification - Early Attempts
      • Modern Periodic Table

      Study of First Element - Hydrogen

      • Preparation of Hydrogen
      • Properties of Hydrogen

      Study of Gas Laws

      • Properties of Gases
      • Gas Laws

      Atmospheric Pollution

      • Atmospheric Pollution
      • Global Warming

      Matter and its Composition

      • States of Matter
      • Evaporation and Condensation
    • Physics  |  View Syllabus

      Measurements and Experimentation

      • Systems of Unit and Units in SI System
      • Measurement of Length
      • Measurement of Time and Simple Pendulum

      Motion in One Dimension

      • Physical Quantities Related to Motion
      • Graphical Representation of Linear Motion
      • Equations of Motion

      Laws of Motion

      • Contact and Non-contact Forces
      • Newton's First Law of Motion and Inertia
      • Linear Momentum and Newton's Second Law of Motion
      • Newton's Third Law of Motion
      • Gravitation

      Pressure in Fluids and Atmospheric Pressure

      • Pressure in Fluids and its Transmission
      • Atmospheric Pressure and its Measurement

      Upthrust in Fluids, Archimedes' Principle and Floatation

      • Upthrust and Archimedes' Principle
      • Relative Density and its Measurement by Archimedes' Principle
      • Floatation

      Heat and Energy

      • Heat and Temperature; Anomalous Expansion
      • Energy Flow and its Importance
      • Energy Sources
      • Green House Effect and Global Warming

      Reflection of Light

      • Laws of Reflection and Formation of Image
      • Images Formed in a Pair of Mirrors
      • Spherical Mirrors, Image Formation and Uses
      • Sign Convention and Mirror Formula

      Propagation of Sound Waves

      • Production and Propagation of Sound Waves
      • Infrasonic, Sonic and Ultrasonic Frequencies

      Current Electricity

      • Electric Current
      • Potential Difference and Resistance
      • Efficient use of Energy


      • Induced Magnetism and Neutral Points
      • Electromagnet and its Uses
  • Mathematics  |  View Syllabus

    • Rational and Irrational Numbers

      • Rational Numbers
      • Irrational Numbers
      • Surds

      Compound Interest

      • Compound Interest Without Using Formula
      • Compound Interest Using Formula


      • Expansions Using Square Identities
      • Expansions Using Cubic Identities


      • Factorisation of Polynomials
      • Factorisation: Split The Middle Term
      • Factorisation Using Square Identities
      • Factorisation Using Cubic Identities

      Simultaneous (Linear) Equations

      • Substitution Method
      • Elimination Method
      • Cross Multiplication Method
      • Equations Reducible to Linear Form


      • Simplification of Expressions Using Exponents


      • Concept of Logarithms and Applications
      • Logarithms

      Congruent Triangles

      • Congruence Criteria: SAS and ASA
      • Congruence Criteria: SSS and RHS

      Isosceles Triangles

      • Properties of Isosceles Triangle


      • Inequalities in a Triangle

      Mid-Point and Its Converse

      • Mid-Point Theorem

      Pythagoras Theorem

      • Pythagoras Theorem

      Rectilinear Figures

      • Polygons
      • Quadrilaterals

      Construction of Quadrilaterals

      • Quadrilaterals and Parallelograms
      • Construction of Trapezium and Regular Polygons

      Area Theorems

      • Concept of Area of Region


      • Chord Properties


      • Grouping and Tabulation of Data
      • Graphical Representation of Data

      Mean and Median of Ungrouped Data

      • Arithmetic Mean and Median

      Mensuration I

      • Area and Perimeter of Triangles
      • Area and Perimeter of Quadrilaterals
      • Areas of Combination of Figures
      • Area and Circumference of a Circle

      Mensuration II

      • Surface Area of a Cube and Cuboid
      • Volume of Cube and Cuboid
      • Cross-Section


      • Trigonometrical Ratios
      • Trigonometric Ratios of Standard Angles
      • Solution of Right Triangles
      • Complementary Angle Relations

      Coordinate Geometry

      • Cartesian Plane
      • Graphical Representation
      • Inclination and Slope

      Graphical Solution

      • Graphical Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equations

      Distance Formula

      • Distance Formula
  • Hindi  |  View Syllabus

    • Vyakran

      Aids to Vocabulary

      • Aids to Vocabulary


      • Prefix-Suffix


      • Nouns


      • Adjectives

      Correction of Incorrect Sentences

      • Correction of Incorrect Sentences

      Idioms and Proverbs

      • Idioms and Proverbs

      Genders and Numbers

      • Genders and Numbers


      • Tenses
    • Saaransh Lekhan

      Baat Aathanni Ki (Sahitya Sagar)

      Sakhi (Sahitya Sagar)

      Kaaki (Sahitya Sagar)

      Kundaliyan (Sahitya Sagar)

      Mahayagy Ka Purskaar (Sahitya Sagar)

      Swarg Bana Sakte Hai (Sahitya Sagar)

      Netaaji Ka Chashma (Sahitya Sagar)

      Vah Janm Bhumi Meri (Sahitya Sagar)

      Apna-Apna Bhagya (Sahitya Sagar)

      Megh Aaye (Sahitya Sagar)

      Bade Ghar Ki Beti (Sahitya Sagar)

      Pad (Sahitya Sagar)

      Vinay Ke Pad (Sahitya Sagar)

      Bhikshuk (Sahitya Sagar)

      Jamun Ka Ped (Sahitya Sagar)

      Bhed Or Bhediye (Sahitya Sagar)

      Chalna Humara Kaam (Sahitya Sagar)

      Do Kalakaar (Sahitya Sagar)

      Matru Mandir Ki Or (Sahitya Sagar)

      Sanskaar Baavana (Eakanki Sanchay)

      Bahu Ki Vida (Eakanki Sanchay)

      Matr Bumi Ka Maan (Eakanki Sanchay)

      Sukhi Daali (Eakanki Sanchay)

      Mahabharat Ki Saanjh (Eakanki Sanchay)

      DeepDaan (Eakanki Sanchay)

  • Social Studies

    • History and Civics  |  View Syllabus

      The Harappan Civilisation

      The Vedic Period

      India in the Sixth Century BC

      The Mauryan Empire

      The Sangam Age

      The Age of the Guptas

      The Medieval India - (A) South India and the Cholas

      The Medieval India - (B) The Delhi Sultanate

      The Mughal Empire

      Emergence of Composite Culture

      The Beginning of the Modern Age in Europe - (A) Renaissance

      The Beginning of the Modern Age in Europe - (B) The Reformation

      The Beginning of the Modern Age in Europe - (C) Industrial Revolution

      Our Constitution

      • Introduction
      • The Preamble

      Salient Features of the Constitution

      Salient Features of the Constitution - (A) Fundamental Rights and Duties

      • Fundamental Rights
      • Fundamental Duties

      Salient Features of the Constitution - (B) Directive Principles of State Policy


      Political Parties

      Local Self-Government - Rural

      Local Self-Government - Urban

    • Geography  |  View Syllabus

      Our World

      The Earth's Grid

      Motions of the Earth-Rotation and Revolution

      Landforms of the Earth




      Folding and Faulting


      Importance of Oceans

      Movements of Ocean Waters

      Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere

      Insolation and Heat Balance

      Pressure Belts and Types of Winds

      Precipitation-Its Types and Causes

      Types of Pollution

      Sources of Pollution

      Effects of Pollution

      Abatement of Pollution

      Natural Regions of the World

  • Economics  |  View Syllabus

    • Major Reforms and Emerging trends in the Indian Economy

      Primary and Tertiary Sector

      Meaning and Definition of Economics

      Basic Concepts of Economics

      Basic Problems of an Economy

      Types of Economies

      Characteristics of the Indian Economy

      Food Security in India


      Poverty in India

      Problem of Unemployment in India

      Human Capital Formation in India

  • Economics Applications  |  View Syllabus

    • Meaning and Definition of Economics

      Basic Economic Entities in an Economy

      Basic Problems of an Economy

      Types of Economies

      Characteristics of the Indian Economy

      Main Sectors of Indian Economy: Agriculture

      Main Sectors of Indian Economy: Industry

      Main Sectors of Indian Economy: Services

      Other Sectors of Indian Economy

      Economic Infrastructure

      Social Infrastructure

      Consumer Awareness


  • English  |  View Syllabus

    • Grammar

      Finites, Non-finites, Participles

      Transformation of Sentences

      Idioms and Phrases



      Phrases and Clauses

      Prefixes and Suffixes




      Direct and Indirect Speech



      Word forms

      Correct Usage

      • Gap filling
      • Sentence or Dialogue Completion
      • Sentence Reordering
      • Editing
      • Omission
      • Sentence Transformation


      Avoiding Repetition

      Figures of Speech

      Types of sentences (Form)

      Active and Passive Voice


      Homophones and Homonyms

      Types of sentences (Meaning)


      Parts of Speech

      Synonyms and Antonyms

      Subject- Verb Agreement

      Synthesis of Sentences

      Question Formation

    • Comprehension and Composition

      Informal Letter Writing

      Essay Writing

      Formal Letter Writing

      Precis Writing

      Notice Writing

      Debate Writing

      Diary Entry

      Speech Writing

      Dialogue Writing

      Article Writing

      Message Writing

      Report Writing

      Reading Comprehension

      Story Writing

      Email Writing

      Paragraph Writing

    • Poems and Short Stories  |  View Syllabus

      The Heart of the Tree (Henry Cuyler Bunner)

      The Cold Within (James Patrick Kinney)

      The Bangle Sellers (Sarojini Naidu)

      After Blenheim (Robert Southey)

      Television (Roald Dahl)

      Daffodils (William Wordsworth)

      Chief Seattle’s Speech

      Old Man at the Bridge (Ernest Miller Hemingway)

      A Horse and Two Goats (R.K. Narayan)

      Hearts and Hands (O. Henry)

      A Face in the Dark (Ruskin Bond)

      An Angel in Disguise (T.S. Arthur)