ICSE Class 10 Maths Revision Notes for Measures of Central Tendency - Mean

Mathematics is one of the crucial and most scoring subjects in ICSE Class 10TopperLearning presents ICSE Class 10 Mathematics study materials, enabling students to score well in the board examination. The ICSE Class 10 Maths syllabus is diverse and includes challenging concepts like Value Added Tax, Ratio and Proportion, Quadric Equations, and others that require effective study materials. 

Our study materials for ICSE Class 10 consist of video lessons, question banks, sample papers, revision notes and past year papers, which improve the quality of learning. The resources also include solutions of top textbooks like Selina and RS Agarwal. Students also refer to the NCERT textbooks as a reference tool.

The problem-solving videos are unique as qualified and experienced experts carefully draft them with an immense research on the chapters' fundamental concepts and their problem sets.

The ICSE Class 10 maths notes are prepared chapter-wise and final revision tools during exams. Students use the UnDoubt section to clarify their academic doubts.

Students prefer to generate practice tests based on multiple-choice questions in the website's ICSE Class 10 Tests section.

To access all these resources and many more, tune in to the TopperLearning website choosing a plan from your ICSE Class 10 Plan section.

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Revision Notes

Why to choose our study materials for ICSE Class 10 Mathematics?

  • Designed in simple and comprehensive language
  • Contain 285 video lessons, 37 revision notes, 3709+ questions in bank, set of 6 sample papers and 9 past year papers
  • Prepared by subject experts
  • Revised from time to time
  • Useful for doing quick revision
  • Helpful when doing homework