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CBSE Class 12-science

Adequate preparation for Class 12 Science subjects also gives you an edge if you want to pursue engineering or medicine-related courses in reputed colleges in India. The reason is, your Class 12 Science syllabus topics are part of the syllabus of competitive exams like JEE or NEET. You can find all the necessary resources for your Class 12 exam preparation along with JEE and NEET prep e-learning materials on TopperLearning.

Now, you can quickly revise Class 12 topics with our complete textbook solutions for NCERT CBSE Class 12 Science. Our Class 12 textbook solutions cover subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Hindi. For extra practise, our textbook solutions also consist of free RD Sharma solutions for Class 12 Mathematics. Study thoroughly by using our model answers that are created by subject experts, as per your latest Class 12 Science syllabus and exam guidelines.

Browse through our CBSE Class 12 Science resources and add these resources to your study plan as required. Practise questions from CBSE Class 12 Science Mathematics a little more or revise the most important questions in Physics multiple times. And if you come across difficulties, ask your questions through our ‘Undoubt’ section to get the necessary answers. This way, preparing for your exam with some of the best Class 12 study materials right here on TopperLearning can support you in achieving the desired score in your board exam.

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CBSE Class 12 Science: Textbook Solutions, Videos, Sample Papers & More

CBSE Class 12 Science Mathematics can be challenging and to score maximum marks in the exam you should be capable of solving different kinds of problems. You’ll be able to understand different types of CBSE Class 12 sample questions and write the answers by practising our textbook solutions. To ensure that you get sufficient practise of Math problems in Class 12, our CBSE Class 12 Science textbook solutions includes NCERT solutions and RD Sharma solutions.

On TopperLearning, you’ll also find NCERT textbook solutions for Class 12 Physics, Class 12 Biology, Class 12 Chemistry and Class 12 Hindi. Watch our concept videos to understand CBSE Class 12 Science concepts such as Coulomb’s law, inverse trigonometric applications, preparation of amines, reproductive health, pollination, etc. Visuals used in the application videos will immerse you in the learning process and help you remember Class 12 concepts easily.

For exam writing practise, you can refer our solved Class 12 Science Sample papers and solved Class 12 Science previous year question papers. You can utilise the solutions for these questions papers to revise the accurate answers for questions that may appear in your board exam. Practise our MCQs, MIQs and subjective questions to prepare effectively for acing the Class 12 Science exams.

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Why choose TopperLearning’s CBSE Class 12 Science study materials?

Class 12 being a crucial year in your academic journey, you need the best notes and revision material for adequate preparation. TopperLearning is your ultimate source of accessing the best study materials online for Class 12 board exam preparation. Also, your Physics, Chemistry, and Math preparation for Class 12 will be extremely beneficial while preparing for JEE. 

NCERT textbooks are the recommended Class 12 reference books by the CBSE board. Get complete NCERT solutions for textbook exercise of all subjects for CBSE Class 12 Science in one place. Other than NCERT solutions, you will also find RD Sharma Class 12 textbook solutions for Math preparation on our e-learning portal. RD Sharma solutions are one of the best resources to practise the variety of problems covered in Prof. RD Sharma’s textbook.

TopperLearning’s video lectures are high-quality videos presented by subject experts to support your learning experience. Use the Class 12 CBSE sample papers and more to read and revise questions and answers for learning your Class 12 syllabus topics thoroughly. Complete your syllabus revision, practise question papers, clear your doubts, and do more using your student dashboard.