CBSE is one of the oldest education boards in India and falls directly under the Ministry of Human Resource Development. This board has schools all over the world and has ensured that Indians spread across the world have access to the Indian education system. It was founded in 1962 and has its headquarters in Delhi.

CBSE Textbook Solutions

CBSE recommends a range of textbooks for every class. Our textbook solutions serve as ready question banks to expose students to the various types of questions likely to feature in their board exams.

CBSE Previous Years' Question Papers

We also have a large set of all the question papers from the previous years so students can get more practice and know what to expect in the exams.

CBSE Sample Papers

In addition to previous years' papers, we have sample papers which are curated by our in-house experts. These papers are developed based on thorough research and guide students on what to focus on during preparation or revision.

CBSE Syllabus

We also have the CBSE syllabus listed for each class. This helps students to know the topics and to refer to our study resources to prepare for the same.

CBSE Updates and Notifications

We are also constantly monitoring CBSE announcements which may benefit students. Any new update from the board is found in the Articles section on our website.