What is the role of digestive enzymes

Asked by divyanshuy019 | 20th Jan, 2020, 04:20: AM

Expert Answer:

Enzymes that assist in digestion process are called digestive enzymes.


  • Enzymes start the digestion process from the mouth itself. The salivary glands secrete an enzyme called salivary amylase which breaks down complex carbohydrates to simpler glucose molecules.  
  • The enzymes that are secreted in the stomach are gastric enzymes. Pepsin is the main gastric enzyme. Pepsin breaks down the protein in the food into smaller particles, such as peptide fragments and amino acids. Protein digestion, therefore, primarily starts in the stomach, unlike carbohydrate and lipids, which start their digestion in the mouth.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 20th Jan, 2020, 11:45: AM