what is menstruation?explain

Asked by advance.music.college | 10th Aug, 2020, 04:42: PM

Expert Answer:

Ovaries exhibit cycle of events at definite interval. The ovarian follicles grow into mature follicles. Usually, one mature follicle develops to surround one ovum. The maturing ovum is from one of the two ovaries. The ovum is then released from the respective ovary by the process called ovulation. When the ovarian follicle matures, the inner wall of uterus thicken to get prepared for receiving the developing zygote in case if fertilization occurs. In case, fertilization does not take place, the thickened inner wall of the uterus breaks down along with its blood vessels, and moves out of the vagina in the form of bleeding, called menstrual flow (menstruation). It lasts for about 4 - 7 days. The cycle of events taking place in the ovaries and uterus after every twenty eight days marked by the menstrual flow, is called menstrual cycle (sexual cycle in human female). In a normal healthy woman, ovulation takes place in the mid of the menstrual cycle around 14th day. Menstrual cycle occurs every 28 days.

Answered by Ramandeep | 10th Aug, 2020, 06:54: PM