What are mixtures? Deply explain

Asked by kavyarathod8729.8sdatl | 3rd May, 2020, 10:07: AM

Expert Answer:

A mixture is a kind of matter which is formed by mixing two or more pure substances (elements and compounds) in any proportion, such that they do not undergo any chemical change and retain their individual properties.

Particles of components are in contact but are not chemically combined and have not lost their individual properties.

Properties of a mixture vary according to the proportions of the components present in it.

Examples: Milk, lemonade, tea, petroleum

  • Homogeneous Mixture

             A mixture which has uniform composition and properties throughout its mass is called a homogeneous mixture.

             Examples: Sugar solution, salt solution

  • Heterogeneous Mixture

           A mixture which has different composition and properties in different parts of their mass is called a heterogeneous mixture.

           Examples: Sand mixed with salt, sugar in oil.

Answered by Varsha | 3rd May, 2020, 05:57: PM