what angered muslims in India because of ottomon emperor?

Asked by arindeep.singh | 25th Jul, 2020, 12:24: PM

Expert Answer:

The Sultan of Turkey’s Ottoman Empire was considered the Caliph or religious head of Muslims. Also, all the Muslim holy places were situated within the confines of the Turkish Empire. During 1912 and 1913, Turkey fought with the Balkan powers of Eastern Europe. Britain sided with the Balkan powers in the matter of the Balkan Wars and fought against Turkey during the First World War. After the war, England imposed stringent terms of surrender on the Caliph. This angered the Muslims in India and they started the Khilafat Movement. Congress decided to support them in this endeavour in order to achieve a semblance of national unity. As a result, the Lucknow Pact was signed between the Muslim League and the Congress.

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