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Question:- The length and breadth of a square are increased by 60% and 70% respectively. The rectangle thus formed is reshaped into a circle. What is the percentage increase in area from square to the circle?
Let a be the side of the square.
Area of the square = a2
Dimensions of the rectangle thus formed are:
Length of the rectangle = a + 60a/100 = 1.6a
Breadth of the rectangle = a + 70a/100 = 1.7a
The rectangle is reshaped into a circle
Area of circle = Area of rectangle = 1.6a x 1.7a = 2.72a2
Increase in the area = 2.72a2 - a2 = 1.72a2
Percentage increase in the area from square to the circle = (1.72a2/a2) x 100 = 172%

Answered by Renu Varma | 10th May, 2020, 03:47: PM

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