(i) Scientists and environmentalists continuously emphasize the negative effects of carrying out deforestation. Mention these effects.

(ii) Which of the following cannot be caused by deforestation? Why?

(a) Desertification

(b) Severe droughts

(c) Increase in soil fertility

(d) Global warming

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Expert Answer:

(i) The negative effects of carrying deforestation are:

a. It causes increase in the temperature and pollution level on the earth.

b. It increases the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere whereas the ground water level gets lowered.

c. Deforestation disturbs the balance in nature.

(ii) Increase in soil fertility cannot be caused by deforestation.

Deforestation causes large amount of soil erosion, due to which the lower, hard and rocky layers get exposed. The fertile soil gets washed away during soil erosion. Hence, soil fertility gets reduced and is not increased during deforestation.

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